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Sarawak : Day 1

It has been a while since I was idle. Actually I have been busy updating and arranging my new platform for writing. I used Wordpress before this but I found it was complicated. Then I decided to change to Blogger. I am so excited to have a new fresh appearance for my blog and it is something I have been looking for. Ok, let's put that aside first and let the story of limelights begin.


What I’m wearing : UNIQLO Sweater | Flea Market Pants and Loafers | Forever21 Sunglasses

The weather was just incredibly awesome and I decided to take a walk; appreciating mother nature. It’s a little bit chilly but not that cold-to-death winter-like weather. (sakura) just waiting the right moment to blossom. It has been a quite 4 months hibernating and putting some weights on :P.

Throwback Japan : Otaru



I have been thinking to write again to share something worth to read. I had a blog once but it was a hell since I had no idea what was the main purpose of doing that. Maybe it was trend of that time. LOL

After rethinking a couple times, I'd like to try and remake it again - 2015 is just a right time.
Either the contents are a major or not, I hope it's gonna give me crystal clear directions to start sharing something. I'm looking forward and thrilled to know what I'm going to share and post. It better be awesome!

Let's cheers to 2015 and hoping for a better life and right things to do.
Keep surprising!
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