What I’m wearing : UNIQLO Sweater | Flea Market Pants and Loafers | Forever21 Sunglasses

The weather was just incredibly awesome and I decided to take a walk; appreciating mother nature. It’s a little bit chilly but not that cold-to-death winter-like weather. (sakura) just waiting the right moment to blossom. It has been a quite 4 months hibernating and putting some weights on :P.

It was time for us to loose a little bit and get rid of few layers to dress up. Spring is just another season you can try some coloring so that you look cherish and adorable. Try to pick colors that you feel comfortable. You can wear something bright and radiant but it depends on the colors itself. And also how you mix the top and bottom part. Having a second thought of your head-to-toe outfit is important as it describes your personality and mood. Maybe a color blocking on a head-banging day or bright colors on your big day.

This time I wore light blue woolen cardigan from UNIQLO, emerald long pants and sea blue loafers. The combination of blueish basic colors would made anyone stood out the most in crowds, even the pants and loafers were bought at a flea market with very cheap price. That was what I did. *wink*.  You don’t really have to spend a lot of money to get in style. Choose something good and look nice is a big-league. Not all of us are born with silver spoon in their mouth. But if you do have more, go for it. I myself would shop like cray-cray if I had been given a big chance of that.

Stay tuned and keep surprising!!

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