Throwback Japan : Otaru


I still can remember the touch of smoothie snowflakes and I was going to jump into it every time the fall of snows made a huge pile up. All over the places was so niveous and beautiful. For someone who’s living in no snow countries, it was indescribably happiness and a very memorable experience.

I and my two fluffy-happy goal lucky friends; Kak Iva and Lizzie visited Otaru City last two years winter. It is famously known for its breathtaking view canal throughout the seasons. We strolled around the city, captured moment and having some quality time. It was so calm and tranquil.

Winter – The right season for you to try and put a few of layers to get in style. Remember do not overwear something as it’s going to look messy and uncomfortable. LESS IS MORE is what I always practise. The state of being comfortable makes you and people who looks at you feels so delightful and approachable. Covering yourself up from the cold-to-death weather is fundamental no matter what are you going to suit up.

What I’m wearing : GAP Jacket | GAP shirt | RIGHT ON Sweater | UNIQLO Skinny Tapered Jeans | RIGHT ON Socks

For top part, put a few of layers like sweater, shirt, downs or jacket and muffler(if you need one). This time, I didn’t put so much colours to my attire as I wanted to get balance with the ‘moody’ weather. I wore leather flat sole shoes and actually it was a mistake. Imagine walking on icy slippery road with those shoes. I just had to be extra careful when i made every steps.
Always know how to keep it in style and do not hesitate to try something new. Make sure it is relaxed and cool.

Stay tuned and keep surprising!


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