Sarawak : Day 2


The weather was so perfectly nice to have some adventures in Sarawak. We went to Bako National Park as scheduled and arrived there about 40 minutes after from the hotel. We took a boat to go to there and it took about 20 minutes from the jetty.

The journey was so reckless and crazy. The moment I sat on the small boat, the tides kept on 'attacking' us upside down.

We arrived at the mangrove swamp area and started the journey to HQ of Bako National Park. Along the way, the smells of the greenish jungle was so refreshing. I had a good moment there. It was jungle trekking basically so do expect yourself to get dirty and messy. It was fun actually embracing mother nature and keeping yourself out from the hustle bustle of real life.

We also had a view of wild boars and little cute monkeys along the journey. From HQ of Bako National Park, there was still another route for jungle trekking. It was quite large area and for my opinion, do stay up for one night at provided home-stay and explore all the treks there. We managed to get halfway only as we were running out of time and gas eventually.

After Bako National Park, we went to Fairy Cave but too bad I didn't bring along my camera as it was raining at the time. *thinking of buying a new waterproof camera.. LOL
The cave was quite astonishing and tenebrific. We had really lot of fun and you guys should pay a visit here.

That's for Day 2.
Stay tuned and keep surprising.


  1. Bestnya Bako. Inshaallah suatu hari nanti akan sampai sini jugak..

  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by. I fell in love with your blog's layout. Minimalist & well-arranged!

    Done following ya :)


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