Kissing You Goodbye

When it comes to farewell, are you just going to shed your tears or pretend like nothing ever happened? Neither one I guess.
Getting married is a thing that we are going to experience sooner or later. Who wants to live alone for the rest of their life? None.

Last weekend, I went to Petaling Jaya to celebrate one of my closest friends' wedding. It felt a little bit weird but at the same time, I felt so happy for him and his partner. It's so sad knowing that he would not be as same as before in terms of socializing and other things we used to clinging together. I have bet you would get married first and we (Pembesar Berlapan) were so excited and overwhelmed the moment we received the announcement. We decided to have a small reunion there but because of some circumstances, three of them could not make it to come over as they were outside the country. No hard feelings though(Really? :P). Other friends from AAJ27 had joined also to glorify the wedding. Reminiscing some old stuff and laughing out loud was the best memory ever.
Good old time YEAH!!

To Wafi:
1. Be a good husband
2. Do not cheat on your wife
3. Can't wait to see your future children


Keep surprising and stay tuned.

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