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Attending to first event as a blogger was quite excited as you got the chance to meet and greet personalities/celebrities for a moment. The event I attended was Pharmaton Event which I got the invitation from my friend of mine, owner blog of "! Bukan Sekadar Rupa", Hafiz Hafizol. Since I was not working on that day, why not gave him a company to the event.

The event started at 2pm but we arrived there 1 hour after and by the time we got there, the event was halfway already. HAHA. It's ok, the management people there still let us join the event though. A lot of other bloggers also joined the event who I hardly knew but I made some new friends eventually. Even I am half introvert and half extrovert. What they call nowadays that terms? Amphivert? HAHA.

Two Pharmaton personalities, HotFm DJ - Fara Fauzana and Chef Sherson Lian had joined the event to give some talk and explain a little bit about the products. While listening to the press, my eyes kept staring at the food non-stop. HAHA. Only God knows how famished I was at that time. I should have snacked something before going to the event.

After giving some talk and QA session, Chef Sherson Lian showed us a cooking demo assisted by Fara Fauzana. They made Ginseng Ice Cream and in case you guys are wondering about the recipe, I have included already at the end of this post for your reference.

Pharmaton basically a supplement product which provides us energy to boost up the whole entire day. It improves bodily functions and assists in reducing tiredness. Pharmaton's Swiss formulation that is enhances with standardized Ginseng Extract G115 and a combination of vitamins & minerals, delivers the nutrients enabling one to achieve more besides providing optimal health benefits.

If you have been trying some products but you have got nothing in returns, why not you try give a shot to this Pharmaton product. Fara Fauzana and Chef Sherson Lian have proved by consuming it and it gives them an energetic life. Me myself gonna try it also soon. Cheers!

What I'm wearing : UNIQLO Long Sleeves Shirt 

Equipment needed
    •    Stove x 2
    •    Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl x 3
    •    Stainless Steel Whisk x 1
    •    Measuring cup x 1
    •    Sauce Pot x 2
    •    Large  Spoon x 2
    •    Sift x 1
    •    Ice Cream Scoop x 1
    •    Table Top Mixer x 1 (with flat beater attachment )
    •    Blender
    •    Serving plates (if there is going to be tasting)
    •    Serving spoons as well ( if there is going to be tasting )
    •    Small bowls or containers for the ingredients

    •    1 ½ cups – cream
    •    1 ½ cups – milk
    •    1 tblspn – vanilla extract
    •    5 egg – yolks
    •    ½ cup – sugar
    •    2tblspn – butter
    •    1nos – cinnamon stick
    •    1 cup – macadamia nuts
    •    3/4 cup water
    •    1/3 cup – ginseng chopped
    •    1 handful – ginseng flower
    •    Pinch – nutmeg powder 
    •    Salt to taste
    •    Berries and flowers
    •    Dry Ice

    •    Put 3/4 cup water, ginseng and simmer for about 15 mins. Add ¼ cup of sugar and continue to simmer until mixture turns into syrup. Sift and set aside to cool.
    •    In another sauce pot, combine milk and cream and vanilla extract and simmer.
    •    In a mixing bowl whisk the egg yolks with ¼ cup of sugar until smooth and creamy.
    •    Add into the milk and cream mixture, stirring slowly. Do not boil.
    •    Continue to stir and simmer until the mixture becomes like custard.
    •    When ginseng syrup is cool then add into the custard.
    •    Blend dry ice into powder with the blender.
    •    Pour the custard into the mixer’s pot with the flat beater attachment.
    •    Turn on low speed and add the powdered dry ice a little at a time.
    •    Ice Cream done!!!
For the Macadamia Caramel .
    •    Put sugar into a none stick pan.
    •    When sugar is melting and nice and brown add in 1/3 cup of water with cinnamon stick.
    •    Allow to dissolve and thicken then add in the macadamia nuts and butter.
    •    Salt to taste. Serve.
    •    Scoop ice cream onto a bowl, drizzle with the macadamia caramel, and some macadamia.
    •    Place berries around.
    •    Garnish with edible flowers. 

Pharmaton Products
1. Pharmaton Caplets 30s Box 2011 with Tabs
2. Pharmaton Capsule 100s 2011 with Bottle

I am so glad to be able to attend this event and I hope I would get the chance to join another fun events in the future.
What I have been dreaming of is to get myself to attend fashion shows soon. Whether it is a major or not, it would mean a world to me. Looking forward to get invited. *wink*.

Stay tuned and keep surprising.


  1. Always good to join blogger event. Can get more cool follower :P

  2. This place was amazing! Great food, it's smaller than others I guess but it is still a fair sized fun. The decor at this venue was amazing as every note of music reverberates off the beautiful walls. Everything about LA venues is nothing less than 5 stars.


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