Nolan Ross Best Outfits

If you guys watch 'Revenge' series from season 1 till season 4, you would realize Gabriell Mann aka Nolan Ross has pulled out his wardrobes surreal and blown us away. It's so sad that this series has come to its end and Nolan Ross left us in awe with his best outfits throughout the series. I myself always looking forward to him and eager to know what styles he's going to bring in each episodes. Believe me, he has never let us down and besides, there's no one has dressed bad in Hamptoms. Duh.
Kudos to stylist Jill Ohanneson for doing such a great job by creating a phenomenal customs to this ex-runway model, Gabriel Mann. He admits to try stealing from that impeccable wardrobes and I don't blame him. HAHA. :P

These are my 10 favorite styles and I wish I could grab just like that from him. LOL


What Is Your Smell?

Getting socialize with other people requires us to be in frabjous way and more important thing is to SMELL GOOD. It is so necessary for us to give a good impression towards people we are cooping with.
So, what is your SMELL?

Short Meeting

It was so nice to catching up to your old dear friend after the "last seen" of her. Everyone was so busy with their life - commitments and responsibilities. We cannot get away from that eternally.
Since both of us are from Japan graduate university, first word that came out from our mouth
was "久しぶりだね" or "Hisashiburi-dane". It means, "Long Time No See". Haha. Even she had been graduated for almost 3 years and didn't use Japanese in work but she still had it in her.
Unlike me, I'm still using my Japanese in my work. Thank God. I do not want to lose my Japanese as my third language because it is something special and unreal. 


I never thought near to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) have a good and nice view park.
While accompanying my friend who came from hometown for a work purpose, I asked her to follow me to KLCC and loafing around there for a while.

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