I never thought near to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) have a good and nice view park.
While accompanying my friend who came from hometown for a work purpose, I asked her to follow me to KLCC and loafing around there for a while.

What I'm wearing : H&M Polka Dots T-Shirt | Adidas Sneaker
On that day, I just had a plain polka dots t-shirt which I bought at H&M and my old time favorite skinny tapered jeans from UNIQLO. I fancy this UNIQLO jeans as it has a really good materials, nice cutting and comfy for sure. I always have a difficulty finding good pants as it will turn out not really good actually. I don't know, it's just something wrong with it which I myself have no idea at all. HAHA. When I found a good one, it will be my first choice when I wanna go out.

Malaysia is a hot and humid country which I think t-shirt is going to be my main style when going out. Even with a t-shirt, you can make your appearance looks dope and cool. It depends on what kind of the colors and patterns you choose.

My advice is "Save some money and go shop sometimes".
It is not a waste to look good so that everyone will have a good impression towards you and feel delightful as well.

Stay tuned and keep surprising.

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