Short Meeting

It was so nice to catching up to your old dear friend after the "last seen" of her. Everyone was so busy with their life - commitments and responsibilities. We cannot get away from that eternally.
Since both of us are from Japan graduate university, first word that came out from our mouth
was "久しぶりだね" or "Hisashiburi-dane". It means, "Long Time No See". Haha. Even she had been graduated for almost 3 years and didn't use Japanese in work but she still had it in her.
Unlike me, I'm still using my Japanese in my work. Thank God. I do not want to lose my Japanese as my third language because it is something special and unreal. 

What I'm wearing : Brands Outlet Yellow Polo Shirt | Seiko Watch

Not many of us are brave enough to try and suit up something radiant. For me, to avoid from being one of "fashion victim", we just need to know how to take it to the next level. Try mix and match accordingly. Even sometimes it might not go in the way you expected but WHO CARES?? Be yourself and do what you like the most in this life. As long as you happy, that seems so enough ;)

Yeah, that's me selfie-ing in fitting room. Couldn't help it. LOL  

I felt great and happy to see her. We had a lot of conversation, eating SUSHIs at Zanmai Sushi(omg, that was quite delicious) and SHOPPING. Good Old Time.
YEAH!! Who doesn't love to shop, rite?
I have not been gone out for shopping quite a long time. It's time to release tension after having a break down recently.
I feel so grateful got the chance to know her while we were studying in Japan. Reminiscing good memoirs while we were in Japan was so fun and I hope our friendship will stay forever and ever ever ever. :P

Stay tuned and keep surprising.

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