What Is Your Smell?

Getting socialize with other people requires us to be in frabjous way and more important thing is to SMELL GOOD. It is so necessary for us to give a good impression towards people we are cooping with.
So, what is your SMELL?

I am not really good at choosing perfumes for myself. As long as I like the smells, that's enough for me.
This Paco Rabanne Invictus - it smells fiddlestick sporty and fresh which I fancy it so much. It's combination of woody base, a simple touch of grapefruit and jasmine. I am so content with this new perfume I bought. It is the smell I have been looking for. The trophy custom bottle itself is so manly and of course looks so attractive. You guys can give a shot for this perfume.

Since I am not really know much about perfumes, luckily I have this one friend who loves to study, research and obsess about perfumes. I asked him which perfumes were suitable for me and he recommended me this one. He wasn't wrong and YEAH I'm in love with perfume.

If you want to know more about perfumes, you can ask him by visiting below links. Hopefully it might help you guys to know which perfumes you are looking at.

Blog : http://www.ihasu.me/
Instagram : @cheaperfume

Stay tune and keep surprising.

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