Nahh.. Me MIA again this time. Trust me, I don't really know where this blog is gonna lead me to and let's hope I get all my passions to write more. よし、頑張るぞ HAHA.
It has been almost 2 years I guess since I last celebrated Hari Raya properly. Being away from hometown and life full of responsibilities left me no choice to do some sacrifices.

Actually Syawal just ended few days ago and it's kinda late to update this post but it's not a big deal. After successfully completed fasting during one whole Ramadhan month, we as Muslims will celebrate 1st Syawal by having mouth-watering dishes; lemang, ketupat, rendang etc, wearing nice and new clothes as a symbol of victory. To those yang berpuasa penuh la :P, you can feel the 'nikmat' as only God knows how it feels like having one whole month fasting from dawn to sunset.


 So, as usual 1st Syawal of course we spent the day with our family members, shaking hands apologizing to each other as this was the chance we were able to gather around with all. Other time, I think it's quite inflexible for us to do so . To be able to capture those moments was something unforgettable in my mind. Haih. Rindu la plak nak balik kampung.
It's just another part of human nature as we need those warm relationship and hugs in our life. PERIOD!!
Open houses were everywhere. So MAKAN, MAKAN and MAKAN!!

This raya also, me and my friends decided to take group photos or shall I say PHOTOSHOOT?
So, we collected RM10 each and we were given 1 hour to act and pose as many as we can. Ye ke 1 jam je? HEHE
For the first-timer like me, I tell you it's quite awkward and you had no ideas how to pose in front of the camera. So I would say, modelling is not easy you know. Models work hard to get magical poses and it takes time to master all the skills so that the pictures won't turn out dull and 'yawn' unless you have the impeccable talents inside you. No kidding.
The photographer kept BAM BAM BAM with his camera and luckily for us, we acted candid because we did not take this seriously. We really had so much fun along the photography session.
YEAH we did!!

I'm impressed and so thrilled to know that it turned out well. We were so content with the outcomes and the most important thing was the precious moment we had along the session.
Below are several pictures of me-time acting like a model, beclouded standing there and pretending nothing happened. Blurgh!!

What I'm wearing : Tempah Dgn Kwn Pny Maroon Baju Melayu dan Sampin | Black Songkok 

To those who like to try this photography session, you can reach out below contact.

Facebook :
Alamat : No.7, Tingkat 1, Taman Sejati, Gong Badak, 21300 Kuala Terengganu. (Bangunan Pustaka Seri Intan) 

Stay tuned and keep surprising.

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