Trip to Koh Samui : Part 1

Hello and a very good day everyone.
Before that I'd like to wish Happy New Year 2016 and all the best to you guys in whatever you do. Cheers!

In this post, I just want to share a fiddlestick about my journey with my 3 other CRAZY and KECOH friends to Koh Samui and Suratthani for 5 days 4 nights. It's been such a wonderful and unforgettable memories to those who like to enjoy a crystal-blue sea water and a breathtaking view of the panoramic landscape of islands.

Day 1
We departed from KLIA2 Airport at 11:55 MYT and arrived at Surat Thani International Airport around 12:30 ICT. 
There are few options to go to Koh Samui; by air or water. After doing some reading and research, we decided to go by water transportation which we had to get on ferry at Don Sak Pier Jetty. 
There were a lot of travel agencies at the airport but you have to survey first to get the best offer. We bought the ticket at Phantip Travel as this travel agency had the cheapest price amongst others. We got 1100THB for return ticket from airport to our hotel. You can see their booth right after you got out from arrival hall.

Welcome to SuratThani

At Phantip Travel Booth

Our journey began to Koh Samui by getting into the bus to Don Sak Pier Jetty and this journey took approximately 90 minutes to reach. Inside the bus there was one funny-cheeky lady would promote you some of the tour packages to be experienced at Koh Samui and she tried her best to convince us to get one. 
Unfortunately we fell for that(HAHA) and we bought one of the tours to Ang Thong National Marine Park for 1300THB. She said if we bought the trip at Koh Samui itself, the trip would cost more than the offered price and apparently she's right. The price could go about 2000THB for one tour and lucky for us to think quick to buy the tour from her. If you wanna wander around surveying first at the island, go ahead. Perhaps you could get cheaper price than us.

Akak yang banyak mulut itu

FYI, there are also tours to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Pagan and other small islands. We chose Ang Thong for our trip as it offered you a spectacular view of serene islands and more adventurous/challenging than other tours. Apa yang adventure sangat tu? Haa. Tunggu!!

Ready to depart at Don Sak Pier

Cantik kan? 

 OOTD katanya! (Acah2 Samurai Jepun)

Sampai ke Thai kami bawak nugget ni. Lapor!!

We arrived at Don Sak Pier Jetty 90 minutes later and get ready to depart to Koh Samui by Seatran Ferry and this one took another 90 minutes to arrive at NaThon Pier Jetty. Then, the minibus from Phantip Travel Agency took us to Nantra Chaweng Beach Hotel and we arrived there 60 minutes after. The road was quite bumpy and the driver was so reckless. Alhamdulillah. Kami hidup lagi.
We checked-in and paid 4500THB (3 nights) including breakfast for two rooms and the room was quite cozy and suitable for traveler even the space a little bit small.

Gambar ala2 postcard tak? Hehe

Finally. Arriving at Koh Samui!

Finally, we got to rest, refresh and lay ourselves on a bed. It's quite a journey for one day as it's something fun because you would be able to escape from reality and see the world regardless of the tiredness. Anyway, we did bring lots of food from Msia so that we won't starve since from what I have read from other blogs, there is limited access to get Halal food there. Sebab itu kami bersedia terdahulu sebelum kebuluran ye. Ching.

Tengok tu, sumber makanan kami yang banyak! 

After refreshing, at night we took a walk along the Chaweng Beach Street Walking and sightseeing. The area we chose wasn't near to pubs or clubs and surprisingly it's quite quiscent to enjoy.
The one you must not miss when come to Thailand is their signature pancake. Lots of flavors inside out, delicious and for sure the pancake is way far different from your country. A must try.

Pancakes in the making


Next, we surveyed city tour or safari day trip and the price cost almost 1300THB (elephant riding excluded) and 1700THB (elephant riding included).
We didn't take that tour because we just want to explore the island by scooter only. Barulah adventure kan? The scooter rent cost for 200THB/day and after breakfast we rempit all around the island by ourselves to find must-visit and interesting places.If you take safari tour, you will have a chance to ride 4WD jeep and they will take you to more awesome places located up in the hills like Secret Buddha Garden in Samui.

Seafood everywhere 

Lampu Hari Raya

The more you pay, the more you get la.HAHA. So plan wisely what you are gonna do there.

Day 2
Below is the list when we cramped our butt on the bike to take a tour around Koh Samui.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks
These two rocks have their own uniqueness of the shape. HAHA. The view is spectacular. (Cry)

Batu apakah itu?

Na Mueang Waterfall
There are 3 waterfalls at this place - Not 1, not 2 but 3 ye - Na Mueang Waterfall 1,2 and 3.
The easiest one to go is number 1 as the other 2 you need to climb the hills and hike a little bit to get there.
The view is quite beautiful but the water I didn't really fancy about it and as it was quite sedimented.

 Feeding elephant

 Ala2 Air Terjun Sekayu je!
 To quench our thirst with coconut drink (25THB)
Wat Kunaram (Mummified Monk)
The monk was wearing sunglasses. LOL.

Wat Kunaram Temple and Mummified Monk

Big Buddha
The Buddha statue was giant and amazingly architectured. Impressive.

 Haruslah selfie!
Sejenis makhluk
Bo Phut Fisherman's Village
This one I don't really know whether we went to right place as it seemed so off when we arrived. Maybe the reason to that because of the timing we got there.

Untongla ada buai!

Along the journey, we stopped at some viewpoints to snap a pic and also to rest from our cramped butt. Haha. You have no idea how it feels to sit on the bike for several hours and the weather was so dry and scorching HOT. But we did have lots of fun riding a bike, strolling around casually one whole island. What an experience. Rasa macam kena goreng, habis satu badan hangus. Haha
P/S: Kalau tak nak hitam, tak yah datang pulau la. LOLS.

After visiting Fisherman's Village, we went to find some 'omiyage' to bring back home. We went to Central Samui Festival mall but yeah of course, we found nothing there. It's a mall and what do you expect to get there. LOL.
We strolled again along the Chaweng Walking Street and believe me it's quite expensive in Koh Samui. We did find our souvenirs but to get reasonable price we had to buy in a big quantity. Prepare to get play bargain here, if not they will hentam you with insane prices.

Night market at Chaweng Beach

Next, we jalan2 again and bumped into few ladyboys to invite us to their show club. Haha. We'd like to watch the show but our leg were already patah-ed. No choice we had to return back to our hotel to wake up early for tomorrow's tour - Ang Thong National Marine Park (Ni paling win).

After experiencing all those places and being burnt rawly, our stomachs were calling for food and perut sudah beberapa hari tidak menerima nasi, we opted to search for Halal food restaurant nearby. We did google and find some choices but the nearest one we got was Ihsan Muslim Restaurant. The distance from our hotel to this restaurant was about 8 minutes by walking. Not quite far though. Everything looked so good and so tempting.
As usual, kalau tak order tomyam tak sah la kalau datang Thailand. Happy Tummy.

Ihsan Muslim Restaurant

Thats all for it and for  the rest of the days, I will summarize up in the next post.

Stay tuned and keep surprising.

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