Trip to Koh Samui : Part 2

Day 3
As scheduled we took a part in Ang Thong National Marine Park tour and waiting for minibus to pick us up to jetty. 
It's quite early in the morning, around 7:30 ICT they arrived and you have to be punctual because they really will be at your place on time. 
So, we drifted from Na Thon Jetty to Ang Thong National Marine Park by big boat for 60 minutes.
Even 60 minutes of short journey, we felt asleep since the sea was quite wavy and to those who have sea-sick, you better prepare Minyak Angin Cap Kapak la. Nauseous!!


The tour offered you activities like hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and sightseeing for the day. Whilst enjoying provided beverages and food inside the boat, the person in charge briefed you with the activities we were going to look into.

 Caught stealing croissants on boat

Sunbathed makhluk spotted. Feeling mat salleh lettew!! 

Then, the one I hardly waited to know was the most exquisite viewpoint on top of the hills at Koh Wua Talab. Menangis kalau korang tengok pemandangan yang sangat cantik itu. SPEECHLESS!
We had to climb 500m up there to reach the most flawless God's creation and the route was no joke. Rocky and steeper. Please wear a pair of shoes and strictly no slippers if you don't wanna get yourselves hurt.
P/S: Tiada kemalangan jiwa yang berlaku sepanjang aktiviti sedang dijalankan!

 Beautiful beaches at Koh Wua Talab

 Acah2 hiker betol

Beautiful rocks

The guy from the tour only gave us 10 minutes to rest and take pictures since there were still lots of activities to be done next. We had made new friends over there, Alicia and BestBest whilst we were hiking and they were so friendly of course. Kami yang acah2 extrovert ini, bergambarlah dengan mereka.


 After struggling and striving to reach the top

 Alicia from New Mexico

 Pantang tengok mat salleh je ajak selfie! Feeling extrovert!

BestBest from Thai

After that, we headed to our next activity - kayaking. I was with Jekzie aka Anak Mak Mek, while Syaz aka Anak Ibu and Saf aka Anak Datin Khemes were kayaking together. We followed the instructor who brought us to fascinated route but it's a little bit difficult to row as the wave was quite strong. Since we were too occupied with the scenes and kayaking, we didn't capture a lot of pics. We really had fun and Alhamdulillah for this pricey moment.

Before we had our lunch, I had asked about the food's Halal status to be confirmed and thank God, they knew already Muslim people would join also, they served the food so that we would not hesitate to eat. What a relief. Kalau tidak, mati kebuluran lah kami.

 Enjoying the view while luncheon

 Sedap gulai ayam itu

Then we headed to Ko Mae Ko for snorkeling and sightseeing around the island. There was Emerald lagoon which had dazzling view you'd die to visit for. The scenery was vibrant and green. I was so tranquil and my eyes were really at ease. The fact you could see these magical creations was something you'd like to keep this as a memoir eternally.

 Emerald Lagoon

Makhluk aneh lagi. Hmm
Acah2 ANTM

 Around 16:00 ICT after we finished our tour we returned back to Nathon Jetty and the minibus sent us back to our hotel. We had time to relax and at night we decided to find massage houses because that was the last night in Koh Samui.

 Pak Cik senyum ckit!

Massaging is a must-try here after spending your quality time with abundant of activities. The price we got for full body massage was 200THB and it's quite reasonable I guess. The aunties who put their hands on us were strong, I didn't believe for a second they had such a great strengths. Thank you Mak Cik for putting away my pain that night.

Sado la kau mak cik! 
Sampai kabak(read panjat) atas aku camtu!

Day 4
This day we only prepared to leave Koh Samui and stayed at Surat Thani Town for one night. We just wanted to explore floating market there but we came at wrong day. The floating market only available on Sunday, so were just so unlucky. Missing information there. We strolled the town and we found this Halal food stall which we were really glad to bump into it. Order Tom Yam lagi lah kite!

 Amboi! Posing kau orang amik gambar!

  Simple view at Surat Thani Town
We asked this Pak Cik where we could find souvenirs and he wasn't sure because at that time most of the shops were closed. Then came this uncle who was introduced by that Pak cik which he apparently a Tuk Tuk driver. He said he could bring us to the shops tomorrow and also could send us to airport which cost 120THB each. We didn't think much and take the deal from the uncle.
Actually, there was not really things to do in Surat Thani town and if you don't wanna stay here I don't think it's a problem. 

We stayed at CBD Hotel Surat Thani which  I really recommended for you guys to try if you pay a visit here. The room was quite big and really cozy for two people. I think it fits enough for 4 to 5 people if you want to sneak in and save your money of course. HAHA.

Day 5
It's so sad the day had come for us to leave behind what we have experienced and explored. The uncle picked us up at hotel around 12:00 ICT and took us to several souvenir shops. Surprisingly, we found lots of signature T-shirts compared to Koh Samui. So we did buy some to bring back home
Then we headed to airport which took 40 minutes journey by Tuk Tuk. We reached there quite early and nothing much to do there. FYI, there is no surau or prayer room available at the airport. If you wanna pray kindly ask counter information and the pretty lady(lupe nak amik gambar, lawo sungguh!) will guide you to VIP lounge room which it's locked actually and she will gladly open the room for you. You just simply need to leave you passport behind to her.

Goodbye Koh Samui. It has been a journey and adventure for us. Definitely I will repeat again to explore some other things which we didn't have chance to do it like visiting Koh Tao and Koh Nan Yuan. 楽しみしております。
Being able to know some of the cultures of other people makes me open my eyes widely. Not all the people have the chances like we do in everything, so always be grateful of what you have!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Stay tuned and keep surprising.


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