Vacation X OOTD

Some of us will encounter the phase when we decided to go on vacation, brand new clothes is something you must bring along with you. Nak berOOTD katanya. Either a nice pair of shoes or one piece of shirt would suffice. I think this thing happens to all of us who does have enthusiasm to debonairly appear.

So, I happened to experience all this stuff and bought several clothes and pants to take with me to Koh Samui. Of course you wanna look good and jaunty even you have no idea what's coming ahead of you.

Anyway, let's recap some of the clothes I opted for the days whilst I was in Koh Samui. I tended to choose something comfortable, street-style look and of course it's flexible to wear.

 What I'm wearing :  Brands Outlet 23 Black T-shirt | Cotton On Sweatpants

What I'm wearing : H&M Blue Tank Top | Uniqlo Short

What I'm wearing : Cotton On Graphic Tank Top | Uniqlo Short

Do I look fun and hip, guys? You don't have to be miserable in choosing what you want to wear. Be free and mix-and-match je.

Stay tuned and keep surprising.

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