Skin Peel Treatment at Premier Clinic

It was an unofficial invitation actually from Hafiz Hafizol to accompany him to try something I have never in my life done it before. It's just surreal and full of excitement when he said "lets go with me for a face treatment session" and I was not thinking much as I do have eternity skin problem since I came back from Japan. Massive BREAK OUT!! Tak sesuai duduk kat Malaysia kot. :P

So, on 31th Jan we drove to the place which located at Bangsar as per our appointment and really looking forward to this whole new experience for me. Being pampered to my face skin is something I have been athirst for. You have no idea how to live with acne skin problem and to run and strut the world is not easy.

The moment I stepped into the clinic, specialist doctor over there, Dr. Elaine knew already what kind of problem I have been struggling for. After 15 minutes consulting to the doctor, she suggested and advised me lots of delicate things to take care of my face. It is really something I have to maintain more compared to other person. 'Good Acne Product' and 'Good Behaviour' - these two thing you have to embrace it with your life if you wanna look like Lucky B Smith. LOL.

After Dr. Elaine briefed and consulted about the skin, she suggested skin peel treatment for me. At first, I was so cloudy about the term used and Dr. Elaine patiently explained it to me for crystal clear understanding.

Skin peel treatment in Premier Clinic uses tri-chloroacetic acid (TCA) and is one of the original skin rejuvenation peels. They are recommended for men and women of all ages wanting to improve moderate to severe sun damage and or signs of aging.


Little Hurt. No Kidding.
Before the treatment started,  the beauty consultant cleansed my face to get rid off all the dirts and
the second Dr. Elaine took out the syringe with the needle to inject my face I was terrified my ass out. I am so not good when it comes to needle and injection. It just scares the hell out of me!!
I entirely closed my eyes throughout the session as I was not brave enough to see the needle brutally penetrated my skin. She injected TCA to my active area acne skin all over my face and the session took approximately about 20 to 25 minutes I guess. Didn't take that long.
The effect was quite refreshing and I feel like my face was newly 'reborn' afterward. Terasa diri ini sangat BERSERI dan BEBAS JERAWAT.

・Avoid tough activities which result to big amount of sweats
・Avoid the use of moisturizers or lotions for 3-7 days
・Your skin will be a little more sensitive to the sun so keep sun exposure to a minimum

・Day 1 to 3 – Tight, dry skin with moderate redness and sensitivity
・Day 2 to 5 – Areas of darkened skin (this is the old skin in preparation to peel)
・Day 3 to 7 – Peeling or slight flaking lasting 2 to 5 days

Thank God, this treatment does not have any downtime so you can still actively involve in any social activities. What I genuinely think and feel after the treatment, all my BIG FAT ASS acnes really shrank out. The acid did take good effect on my face.

Although there was a slight inconveniences that we had to wait not really a while since lots of customers came on weekend to have their session, we managed to go through it and had our time.
Also a special thanks to Dr. Elaine and all the staffs there who treated us well and welcomed us with open arms. We did have fun and really happy throughout the whole session.

To those who like to learn more about skin peel treatment and other else, you guys can simply read below info and visit their website.

Email :
Tel : +603-7732 5552 (TTDI), +603-22822263 (Bangsar)
Mobile : +6012-662-5552 (Contactable 7 days a week. You may call us/ SMS/ WhatsApp/ Viber)
Website :
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Keep surprising and stay tuned.


  1. Looks super duper comfy. Aaaagh, feel like getting one session there!

    1. nahh, your face has no problem. perfectly fine. hehe

  2. It seems interesting skin peel treatment that work for your skin. I will have to try this one soon!

  3. Skill peel treatment is effective yet it needs to be conducted by the professional skin care Doctors because sometimes it eventually gives some little side effects to the skin if it not being well performed. When I work with the west palm beach rehab before, some doctors are doing things like this and it seems confusing results for me. But, base on your information it seems it can be a good treatment for those who have skin disease like this.

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  5. Is this useful for skin? Because most of time there are some side affects for these kind of treatment.

  6. Interesting and informative account of your skin peel treatment. I also had skin peel treatment from and the results are simply outstanding. I felt that my skin has regenerated.

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